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Polyelectrolyte Complexes (PEC) for Promoting Wound Healing and Hair Growth
­ The pictures show the progression of wound closure and hair growth around the skin wound. Both PEC film groups show improved wound closure and signs of hair growth as early as day 21. The hair growth is primarily localized to the skin area that was under the PEC film during treatment. Invention Summary: Common complications of diabetes...
Published: 2/5/2024   |   Inventor(s): Noshir Langrana, Francois Berthiaume, Rene Schloss, Suneel Kumar, Priya Mistry, Hwan Kang
Category(s): Technology Classifications > Healthcare & Life Sciences, Technology Classifications > Physical Sciences & Engineering
Paper-Based Nano-Biosensor for Cytokine Detection
se; } ​ ​ Invention Summary: Cytokines are a class of regulatory proteins that are important physiological and pathological markers commonly used for the prognosis and diagnosis of diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s and rheumatoid arthritis, as well as for monitoring responses to injuries. Researchers at Rutgers University have...
Published: 10/4/2023   |   Inventor(s): Aaron Mazzeo, Francois Berthiaume, Ali Ashraf, Ramendra Pal
Keywords(s): Biosensor, Graphene technology, Nanotechnology, Polymers & Composites, Sensors & Probes
Category(s): Technology Classifications > Physical Sciences & Engineering, Technology Classifications > Sensors, Technology Classifications > Healthcare & Life Sciences, Technology Classifications > Diagnostics, Technology Classifications > Medical Devices
In Vitro Model of Liver Steatosis for Screening of Drug Compounds
The decrease in liver steatosis in hepatocytes cultured in steatosis reducing medium. Invention Summary: Donor livers are frequently rejected due to high intracellular fat content, called steatosis, which increases the risk of primary graft non-function in transplant patients. Because liver transplantation remains the only effective treatment for...
Published: 10/12/2022   |   Inventor(s): Martin Yarmush, Nir Nativ, Francois Berthiaume, Gabriel Yarmush, Timothy Maguire, Rene Schloss
Keywords(s): Drug Discovery/Screening
Category(s): Technology Classifications > Healthcare & Life Sciences, Technology Classifications > Research Tools