Risk Terrain Modeling Diagnostics Software (RTMDx)


Invention Summary:

Researchers at Rutgers who originally developed Risk Terrain Modeling, a methodology for diagnosing spatial crime vulnerabilities, have launched the Risk Terrain Modeling Diagnostics (RTMDx) Utility software. RTMDx helps to identify and communicate environmental factors associated with specific events. Reports produced can be used to anticipate places where illegal behavior and new crime incidents will emerge and/or cluster. Resources can then be developed for place-based interventions, strategically and tactically allocating resources, and prioritizing efforts to mitigate crime risks.

RTMDx automates most steps of risk terrain modeling using an algorithm to empirically test a variety of spatial influences and analysis increments for every risk factor input to identify the most empirically- and theoretically-grounded spatial associations with known crime incident locations. Then, it selects appropriate risk factors to produce a “Best” risk terrain model.

The final model articulates the vulnerability for crime with relative risk values are assigned to places throughout the study area. The environmental factors that create specific vulnerabilities at places are listed and weighted according to their relative spatial influence on the outcome event. This aids in the prioritization of risk mitigation efforts.
Market Applications:

The RTM software, is available in two versions.

  • Educational version: A free single end-user license is offered for non-commercial use, educational and short-term trial purposes. Available to students, educators, and agents of some governmental or non-profit organizations. This version does not include output maps.
  • Professional version: Bundled with an RTM Training Webinar, it is a single end-user license for commercial and professional use. This version outputs GeoTiff maps.
  • Various training, certification and workshop options are available. Also, watch Joel Caplan's interview with Brian Lehrer.


  • Map Crime Vulnerabilities 
  • Risk Based Policing
  • Epidemiology
  • Public health
  • National security
  • Transportation/traffic safety
  • Public safety

Intellectual Property & Development Status:

Available through license or distribution agreement


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Patent Information:
Andrea Dick
Associate Director, Licensing
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey