Computational Ultrasound for Improved Liver and Kidney Diagnosis

Invention Summary:

Transabdominal ultrasound is the one of the most widely used imaging modality for initial imaging of patients diagnosed with liver diseases such as Hepatitis C virus and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. However, current imaging processes cannot differentiate simple steatosis, nonalcoholic steatohepatitis, and hepatic fibrosis.

Researchers at Rutgers University developed a novel method for the extraction of local phase image features from liver and kidney ultrasound data for the enhancement of medical image data. The invention enables a high level of visual clarity allowing a medical practitioner to make a diagnosis based solely on ultrasound data and without the need of biopsy samples. This software is cohesive with current ultrasound technology for facilitated integration.

Market Applications:

  • Medical devices
  • Medical imaging


  • Allows for earlier detection
  • Enhances raw signals
  • Eliminates the need for biopsies
  • Easily integrated into current ultrasound machines

Intellectual Property & Development Status:

  • Patent pending.
  • Available for licensing and/or research collaboration.


Patent Information: