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New Non-Membrane Feeding Device And Diet Formulation For Mosquito Colony Production
Efficacy of artificial diets (BSA 10% and BSA 20%) for 10 generations of Aedes albopictus mosquito. These diets were prepared with distilled water and used in the new dietary system. For the blood feeding, the live guinea pig was used as a control. Mosquito feeding status on the new dietary system. (A) unfed, (B) half fed and (C) full fed. Arrow...
Published: 7/21/2022   |   Inventor(s): Randy Gaugler, Devi Suman, Kshitij Chandel, Yi Wang
Keywords(s): Animal feed, Pest control
Category(s): Technology Classifications > Agriculture, Technology Classifications > Pest Control, Technology Classifications > Healthcare & Life Sciences, Technology Classifications > Animal Health & Care