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Biocompatible polymers that degrade into anti-oxidants may be useful for many applications because of the significant role of anti-oxidant activity in many diseases, including anti-bacterial activity, radical scavenging, neoplastic inhibition, wound healing, cardiovascular disease, immune dysfunction, UVscreening capabilities and skin regeneration....
Published: 1/23/2020   |   Inventor(s): Kathryn Uhrich, YoungMi Kim
Category(s): Personal Care, Cosmeceuticals, Agriculture
Rutgers Scarlet™ Strawberry
Invention Summary:Rutgers Scarlet Strawberry was bred to grow well in NJ’s wide range of soils and to withstand the dramatic swings in NJ’s climate. It was produced for consumers interested in the best tasting strawberries when picked and eaten fresh from the farm. Rutgers Scarlet is sweet, balanced with just the right amount of acidity....
Published: 6/12/2019   |   Inventor(s): Gojko Jelenkovic, Peter Nitzsche, William Hlubik, Laurie Lutz
Category(s): Agriculture, Food, Nutrition and Nutraceuticals, Plants, Berries, Fruit
Iridium Catalyst for Dehydrogenative Dimerization of Ethylene to Yield 1,3-Butadiene
Schematic diagram of the catalytic dehydrogenative dimerization of ethylene to butadieneInvention Summary: 1,3-Butadiene is a chemical building block, most notably known for the production of synthetic elastomers and polymers. Traditionally, 1,3-butadiene is produced as a byproduct of naphtha cracking for ethylene production. Due to new sources, ethylene...
Published: 2/21/2019   |   Inventor(s): Alan Goldman, Yang Gao
Category(s): Agriculture
UAV-based Delivery of Solid Insecticide
Invention Summary: Mosquito borne diseases constitute more than half a billion illnesses and over a million deaths yearly. Wide-scale mosquito pesticide and larvicide dispersion (e.g., aerial dispersion) is no longer a viable option due to 1) posing public health concerns, and 2) urban area expansion into mosquito habitats, making mosquito control untenable....
Published: 1/25/2019   |   Inventor(s): Randy Gaugler, Gregory Williams, Yi Wang
Category(s): Agriculture, Pest Control
Novel Nanomaterial for Prolonged and Sustained Antibacterial Efficacy
a) BAC release profile at pH 4.0, 5.0, 6.5, and 7.4. b) The percentage of S. aureus survival upon exposure to BAC loaded nanoparticles after 0, 3, and 6 hours.Invention Summary: Quaternary ammonium cationic (QAC) surfactants are one of the preferred choices for antibacterial applications. The compounds are water and oil soluble, and they cover a broad...
Published: 1/18/2019   |   Inventor(s): Tewodros Asefa, Viktor Dubovoy, Anjani Ganti, Jeffrey Boyd
Category(s): Agriculture
Nutritional Supplement and Feed Compositions to Reduce the Incidence of Osteochondrosis Dissecans Lesions in Genetically Predisposed Foals
The dietary supplement formulation was developed based on an analysis of serum NMR data from yearling Standardbred horses with (green dots) and without (blue dots) OCD that showed the clear difference in metabolic profiles between genetically predisposed and unaffected horses.Invention Summary:Rutgers scientists and collaborators at Princeton University...
Published: 8/29/2018   |   Inventor(s): Sarah Ralston, Istvan Pelczer
Category(s): Agriculture, Food, Nutrition and Nutraceuticals
Anti-Diabetic Agents from Leaves of Combretum micranthum (Kinkeliba)
At 40 and 80 min. following oral glucose challenge, the TPFA treated group had significantly lowered plasma glucose concentrations compared to the control group.Invention Summary:Rutgers scientists have developed a proprietary method of extracting and purifying a novel type of piperidine flavan alkaloids from the leaves of Combretum micranthum (kinkeliba)...
Published: 8/29/2018   |   Inventor(s): James Simon
Keywords(s): Beverage, Diabetes, Metabolic disorders, weight loss
Category(s): Agriculture, Food, Nutrition and Nutraceuticals
New Enriched Black Tea Extract to Increase Physical Performance and Reduce Recovery Time from Intense Exercise
Subjects had higher average power and peak power of 9 repeated sprint intervals in the black tea extract (BTE) supplementation group as compared to the placebo (no BTE supplementation) group (PLA).Invention Summary: Rutgers scientists have identified a new, high-potency black tea extract composition that enhances physical performance. This composition...
Published: 8/29/2018   |   Inventor(s): Shawn Arent
Category(s): Agriculture, Food, Nutrition and Nutraceuticals
Uses of Kombo Butter Extract and Derived Compounds as Novel Neuroprotective Agents
Invention Summary:Rutgers scientists have developed novel methods to treat a variety of neurological disorders including ischemic stroke. The methods center on the use of novel neuroprotectants isolated from Kombo butter, an African nutmeg. The scientists additionally developed methods to produce and purify the Kombo butter, its extracts and derivatives....
Published: 8/29/2018   |   Inventor(s): James Simon, Qingli Wu, Wenbin Deng
Keywords(s): Alzheimer’s Disease, CNS, Kombo butter., Neuroprotection, Parkinson's, Stroke
Category(s): Agriculture, Food, Nutrition and Nutraceuticals
Kombo Butter Extract and Derivatives as Novel Anti-Inflammatory Agents
Invention Summary:Rutgers scientists have developed a novel process to isolate the critical bio-active compounds of Kombo butter, which can be used to effectively treat a variety of inflammatory disorders including arthritis/joint or other inflammation (including bowels, gastrointestinal, skin, and allergic), and the presence of associated free radicals....
Published: 8/29/2018   |   Inventor(s): James Simon, Mingfu Wang, Mohamed Rafi, Yaw Asianowa, Daniel Acquaye, Kodzo Gbewonyo
Category(s): Agriculture, Food, Nutrition and Nutraceuticals, Personal Care, Cosmeceuticals
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